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Spring has sprung and summer is well on its way here at Bi-State Wildlife. Our nurseries are filling up fast with us currently caring for nearly 100 baby raccoons, 150 opossums, 5 foxes, 3 coyotes, 3 groundhogs, 9 skunks, 17 birds, and 20 squirrels that are almost ready to be released. That’s just what we have right now! Every year this organization gets larger, takes in more animals, helps more animals across the nation through our mange by mail program, and answers more than 2500 emails from people across the globe with wildlife concerns. We are so thankful and proud that we’re able to help so many. We love our work with wildlife, and with you – the public. Through the every-2-hour feedings around the clock, the fleas, ticks, or worse, and despite the harsh words we hear often from the public when they disagree with us, we still love it. We don’t ever want to see a day where residents don’t have anyone to call for wildlife rescue, rehabilitation, and humane advice. These issues and needs were overlooked for a very long time and we are happy to fill that gap. If nothing else, our numbers definitely show that an organization like ours is much needed in our area and beyond.

Some of the programs we run are at little cost, and easy to maintain. However, when spring arrives and orphaned wildlife starts to come in, we are quickly overwhelmed by the costs of formula, food, medicine and medical supplies, veterinary care, and transportation for rescues and animal transfers. With this many animals in our care, even keeping up with the laundry is an expensive endeavor! On many of the rescues that we go out on, the caller will refer to us as “Animal Control” or “Conservation Dept.” thinking that we are a government funded organization. Sadly, we are not. We’re still 100% dependent on donors like you to keep doing the work we do. We try extremely hard to never solicit donations in any intrusive way (by telephone, email, etc.) and we avoid sending mailers because we don’t want donated funds to be spent on postage and printing. However, once or twice a year we are forced to send something like this out to the people who have supported us in the past, and the people that we have helped in the past. We sincerely hope that we can count on you today. These babies have nowhere to turn. We are the only option in many cases. Please help us continue to do the work that we love and wildlife needs.

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