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The Bi-State Wildlife Hotline is a nonprofit organization that is 100% volunteer staffed.  We rescue, rehabilitate, reunite, and re-release sick, injured and orphaned native wildlife in Missouri and Illinois.  Bi-State Wildlife Hotline is a FREE service. You will never be charged a fee for any of our services.  Bi-State Wildlife will not and does not euthanize wildlife for ANY reason other than terminal illness, or to end the suffering of an animal after a debilitating injury.  We do NOT euthanize due to age, size, or capacities.

However, we receive no state or federal funding.  We rely on private donations from compassionate people like you to continue our mission.  Our hotline assists more than 1000 animals annually, and we need YOUR help to provide this vital public service to our communities.

Please Consider Making a Donation Today and/or Apply to Volunteer With Us!

The Wildlife Hotline Can Help with Issues Like These:
    • Wildlife Conflicts that Impact the Public’s Home or Health

      Squirrels in the attic, Groundhog digging up the yard, a Skunk sprayed the dog, Raccoon stuck in a dumpster, Coyote in the neighborhood getting a little too close for comfort, an Owl is on the ground and not able to fly, Opossums keep getting in the trash cans outside, and many, many more!

    • Orphaned Wildlife Separated From Mom

      Baby Squirrels fell out of a tree during a storm, Baby Skunks wandering around alone after Momma Skunk was hit by a car nearby, a baby Raccoon all alone on the ground, a baby Beaver or Otter washed up on a river bed,  baby Bunnies that seem abandoned by Mom, Fox pup found alone in the woods, Bobcat kittens alone in distress,  etc.

    • Injured Wildlife – Wildlife in Need of Medical Attention – Wildlife ‘Stuck’ or in Need of Rescue On-Site

      Raccoon laying in the yard during daylight hours, Hawk grounded and unable to fly, Goose tangled in fishing line, Opossum struck by car but still alive, Groundhog running in circles and not acting right, Owl stuck in net at a golf range, Skunk has its head stuck in a peanut butter jar from the trash, Squirrel stuck in the drainage hole of a dumpster, a Deer tangled in a net, any animal left in a trap for extended periods of time, and many other similar situations.

    • Wildlife Education to Address the Public’s Concerns

      Why is this opossum sitting on my fence? Will this coyote attack my dog?  Is this skunk going to spray me? Will my dog get rabies by picking up a dead squirrel?  Can I catch Chicken Pox or any pox from the birds at my bird feeder that have it?  How/Where do I dispose of an animal that died naturally on my property?  What do I do with an animal that I have in a trap?  Where can I go with a baby animal that has lost its parents?

  • Abuse Reporting & Help Understanding Wildlife Codes, Laws, and Regulations

    Neighbor is trapping wildlife and not attending to the traps,  Pest Control companies behaving inhumanely, Coworker is hunting outside of hunting season, Neighborhood kids are terrorizing birds and squirrels and shooting them with bb guns, Neighbor feeds the wildlife and has created a health hazard with the overpopulation of wildlife in your area.  As well as things like – I found a deer hit by car, What do I with wildlife in a trap, Do I need a permit to trap a squirrel in my attic, Can I shoot a raccoon that is getting into my trash, Can I shoot a coyote trying to get into my chicken coop, and much more.

     There are many other questions that we would be happy to discuss, just give us a call if you cannot find the answer you were looking for here on the website.  You can also contact us via email here.  For urgent matters, call the Hotline @ 1-855-WILD-HELP (1-855-945-3435) or locally at (636) 492-1610 anytime.  Specialists are available 24 -hours a day, 7 days per week.

We are a 100% volunteer-based organization.  Our wildlife specialists are training to answer your questions regarding all native wildlife. All of our staff members are state licensed wildlife rehabilitators, retired wildlife rehabilitators, or wildlife rehabilitators in training.  Our specialists are here to help you with your wildlife concerns and help the public learn the correct information about native wildlife, in order to solve conflicts humanely, in a way that benefits everyone, and does no harm to you, your home, the animal, or the environment around us.

Call us Toll-Free@ 1-855-WILD-HELP / 1-855-945-3435 or locally at (636) 492-1610 to speak with a wildlife specialist now!