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Mange by Mail: Thank You!

Mange by Mail:  Thank You!

You have officially signed up for the Mange by Mail Program to help a sick wild fox or coyote!  YOU are saving a life!  Pat yourself on the back for a moment…we’ll wait.  You deserve it! 

In approximately 3-5 days you will receive a package by mail via USPS/United States Postal Service. *Note:  Some packages may arrive in 2 days depending on how to close to St. Louis, MO you are located, or up to 5 days maximum, if your mailing address is in the United Kingdom, Canada, Alaska, or Hawaii)

Your package will contain full, detailed, written instructions, along with syringes, needles, and a bottle of medication in a sterile vial that will need to be accessed via a syringe and needle. Don’t worry – even though it comes in an injectable vial, you are going to hide it in food for the animal to EAT. You will not need to physically catch/trap the animal to inject it with medication. It has been extensively tested to show that it works just as well orally and hidden in food. The medication vial does NOT need to be refrigerated.
We strongly suggest setting up a bait station for this coyote/fox in order to create a habit of the fox/coyote coming to the same spot every day to look for food. By the time you receive our Mange by Mail package, you should know the animals’ daily habits extremely well and may even be able to pinpoint the exact time to put out the medicated bait. The goal is to put out the medicated bait when you are as sure as possible that it will get to your intended target, and ONLY your intended target. Please use raw, ground turkey or chicken* as the bait. You can find this at most grocery stores in the hamburger and meat refrigeration case. (*You’ll notice in stores that packaging may say “85/15” or “93/7”. This is the percentage of fat to protein in the package. We prefer high-fat turkey/chicken. Choose the largest fat percentage that your local store offers.) Make sure that the chicken/turkey you purchase is unsalted, unseasoned, and raw. Give foxes 2-4 meatball-sized pieces of raw, ground turkey/chicken daily. For coyotes, give 4-6 pieces daily. If you wish to give more, you can do so, but on the day you add the medicine, cut back to 1-2 pieces to ensure the animal eats ALL of the medicine. When the medicated bait is put out, please wait and watch the bait station to make sure it reaches your target animal, and that they eat ALL of the bait.

After they get the medicine, it is your choice if you wish to continue offering the fox/coyote extra food at your bait station to help him/her gain weight. (Many mange patients are extremely emaciated.) If you decide to continue feeding daily, and the fox/coyote is still visiting your bait station regularly 14 days after the first dose of medication, you can give him a second dose on the 14th day. If you choose not to continue feeding, or if he/she stops coming to your bait station, that’s okay too! In fact, it’s perfectly normal. Many program participants report that foxes/coyotes stop taking humans’ food after the 1st dose of medication. This is due to 85% of mange cases being resolved with one treatment of medication.
Unlike opportunistic wildlife like raccoons, skunks and opossums, predatory species truly prefer to hunt for their own foods. They were only coming to you because they were incapable of hunting/catching prey and they were sick and starving to death. After treatment, they quickly feel better (even if they don’t look it!) and return to hunting and living a normal life in the wild again! Only in rare, extremely severe cases is a 2nd dose indicated, 14 days after the first.

If you do not receive your package within 5 days, or have any questions or concerns at any time, please feel free to contact us by calling 1-855-945-3435 Extension 705 or email us at We are happy to help with any questions you might have.

Thank you for helping a “wild-life” stay wild, free and healthy! Visit & Support Bi-State Wildlife’s Work Online:

Mange by Mail:  Thank You!