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After a long break, we are trying this blog thing once again!  Every year in the spring we raise lots of orphaned baby squirrels, raccoons, foxes, coyotes, skunks and opossums and we get so busy that things like this blog fall to the wayside.  We want to make sure that the public knows that we’re still here in the winter though!  We’re not only here; we’re still working hard every day for the residents of Missouri & Illinois.  Here’s what we have been up to lately, on top of our normal hotline calls that do not require rescue services:


9/25/13: Received call from MO Department of Conservation regarding coyote acting strangely in Home Depot parking lot in Ellisville, MO. 5 minutes later received call from Ellisville Police regarding same coyote. Dispatched specialists to scene. Arrived on scene in 11 minutes. Ellisville Police had already shot coyote. Coyote was allegedly walking up to people, looked ill (suspected mange), was skinny, and disoriented.  We suspect mange and possibly distemper.

10/7/13: Warehouse workers in Chesterfield, MO have red tail hawk stuck inside warehouse in ceiling rafters.  Hawk has been there for 3-5 days without leaving, but they are starting to get concerned.  Dispatched specialist. Followed hawk in warehouse protocol of using live mouse to d2dfac9011a6013184c436357d168521bait hawk to the ground, then push hawk out the door to take off again. Mouse usually survives the rescue.  Hawk dove for mouse, but would not let go of mouse to take off. Physical struggle between specialist, mouse, and hawk.  Hawk released successfully, mouse released successfully.

10/08/13: Received a call on hotline from resident of Franklin County, MO that found a water-bird of some kind in parking lot of Red Roof Inn, where she works.  Caller reports that bird is a ‘strange looking duck”.  Specialist asked caller to send photos via cell phone. Photos confirmed that ‘duck’ was a pied billed grebe.  Grebes cannot take off into flight from any surface other than water. During migration grebes may think that see a body of water below and then land, only to find that it was dry, hot asphalt and not water at f6ec3a10126501319f8b06fc885c2a8eall.  Then the bird is stuck until he can find a body of water, or a kind soul rescues him.  After confirming the identity, caller was able to contain bird in a pet crate and release at nearest body of water.  Bird had no problems taking off and flying away.

10/11/13: Caller from Desoto, MO calls in ‘duck’ that ran into side of building and couldn’t fly, then ran into a business’s open back door and is now hiding in bathroom.  Dispatched wildlife specialist, took duck outside and tested flight but duck cannot fly. Transferred to Missouri Wildlife Rescue Center for rehabilitation.

10/13/13: Resident of Holden, MO called in Great Horned Owl found near road. Cannot fly, but not sure that anything is broken.  Specialist from Windsor, MO dispatched, picked up owl, held overnight, and transferred to Lakeside Nature Center on 10/14/13. Owl admitted, triaged, no breaks, soft tissue injury to shoulder, and needs to gain weight.  On 10/23 it was discovered that shoulder is dislocated and cannot be repaired. Owl will never be able to fly.  Patient euthanized.

10/14/13: Resident of Ferguson, MO.  called in to report a hit by car opossum lying in their yard covered in flies barely moving. Specialist from Overland, MO dispatched to pick up opossum. Specialist from Fenton, MO dispatched to meet half way and transport opossum to do further triage at base. Physical exam revealed multiple severe compound skull fractures, internal hemorrhage, left eye completely protruding from socket, bleeding from ear, lungs filling with fluid, opossum having a very hard time breathing -Euthanized

10/15/13: Caller called in noises from chimney. Orphaned squirrel pup blockaded in chimney for 3 days in University City, MO, its mother and IMG_2875siblings were allegedly killed by Critter Control on the previous Saturday. Dispatched wildlife specialist to get up chimney to remove squirrel pup -Dead on arrival

10/16/13: Received a call from Bridgeton, MO Police stating there was a raccoon stuck in a dumpster, dispatched wildlife specialist, specialist determined it was a 10′ tall industrial dumpster full to the brim of broken windows and other hazardous materials, dispatched 2 more specialists, specialist along with the help of a bystander moved 9’x10′ of dumpster’s hazardous contents, located raccoon. Minimally injured, not bleeding, not happy – released on site.

10/16/13: Resident called in possum limping in Nordstrom’s “Off the Rack” parking lot in Manchester, MO. ca638600190e0131c698265421a3834Dispatched wildlife specialist. Took opossum to do a full physical exam, gave pain medication, removed fly packets from fur, removed maggots from pouch, cleaned and treated infected pouch, no joeys present. Took to vet exam on 10/17 and radiographs concluded no fractures.

As of 10/25:  Currently being rehabbed by one of our opossum specialists in Festus, MO and healing quite nicely. Expect full recovery.

10/17/13: Resident called in hit by car raccoon on Saline Rd. in Fenton, MO, still alive and in the middle of the road on a very sharp turn both directions. Dispatched closest wildlife specialist (less than 1 mile away), stopped traffic, recovered raccoon, administered pain meds, full physical examination, multiple severe cranial fractures, internal bleeding, and probable distemper -euthanized

As we always explain, please understand that euthanasia is an important part of the services that we offer wildlife. These animals are sick, injured, and suffering in YOUR yards until we respond to rescue them. While we may not be able to SAVE them, we can at least offer them a humane end to their suffering.

Please remember that we are a not for profit organization that received absolutely no tax or government funding. In order for us to continue our services, we need your help!  Please considering visiting our web site at and making a donation online, or donations can be mailed to Bi-State Wildlife Hotline, Inc. at 1137 Fenton Park Drive, Fenton MO 63026. Call us anytime 24 hours at 1-855-WILD-HELP.