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Bi-State Wildlife Hotline, Inc.

New Volunteer Application

New Volunteer Training is scheduled for Saturday, March 30, 2019 at:

Humane Society of Missouri

1201 Macklind Ave

St. Louis MO 63110

11 am - 4:30pm

In addition to filling out this application, please RSVP for training on our Facebook page:

Thank you! We hope to see you there!

We know that everyone who comes in as a new volunteer really wants to help with wild babies. We promise you, there will be babies - more than you know what to do with.  However, babies don't get here, and animals suffer if we don't answer our phones. Our phone system is tied to everyone's cell phones. You choose what hours and days you are willing to help out on phones, and we can program that.  We do REQUIRE that EVERY volunteer help with phone calls. This is imperative. When we don't answer the phone and it goes to voicemail, people do really stupid things, like giving the babies to someone else who leaves with the animal, or they feed bizarre things to the animal, or call another agency that just comes out to kill it. We MUST make phone calls a priority.

Please check the following box to verify that you understand that answering hotline phone calls is part of volunteering with Bi-State Wildlife and you agree to help with this task according to a schedule that you help set up and approve.

A HUGE part of our workload during the spring and summer is picking up animals from homeowners, business owners, etc. People are scared to touch it or unwilling to drive it anywhere. These people rarely donate. With a new volunteer, we add your home and work zip code to our locator map (only we can see it) and we would call or text you when something needs pick up near you. We can help you gather the equipment, but we are unable to purchase catch poles and nets, or buy your gas at this time.  Usually all you need to do pickup is a couple of towels, maybe some gloves, and a pet crate of some kind.

Obtaining a wildlife rehab permit from the state and rehabbing from home takes TIME. They require that you have letters of recommendation from organizations like ours, a veterinarian that accepts wildlife and vouches for you, and 3 years experience in the field. It's tough. However, we desperately need more rehabbers in BOTH states!! We would love to help anyone who is interested in getting a permit down the road. Just know that it's a time consuming process.