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Thank You for Your Support!

Every year we work hard to ensure that we have all of our supplies for baby season before the babies actually get here. This year we’re struggling to cover last year’s expenses still! We need help. We’re calling out to all of you to ask if there is any room in your heart, in your wallet, to help us today.  Alternatively, you can order directly from our Amazon Wish List, or order formula directly, pay toward our vet bill directly, etc. Just send us an email at and we’ll get you the information asap! Remember, we receive no state or federal funding for our services, and we rely on private donations from people like you. Thankfully, we’re a small organization that operates much like a family still and we’re great at sharing resources and making the most of every dollar. Plus, we’re not so large that we don’t appreciate every DOLLAR that is donated. Any amount helps! It all adds up!  We know that times are tough for a lot of people out there, but hopefully, our page and Facebook feeds online bring you a smile from time to time. We would be extremely appreciative if you could donate today. 

St. Louis’ Whitetail Deer Need Our Help!
We are scrambling this year to build a Deer Pen! Did you know that there are ZERO licensed facilities able to accept sick or injured whitetail deer in St. Louis City or County? Not one person! Our new HQ is located in St. Louis County and would be a perfect location to help these animals that had no recourse over the last decade or more. However, the legal requirements to build a deer pen are quite specific. We need at least 6000sqft for just 12 deer, and fences must be at least 8′ high to keep predators out. The fencing must have gaps less than 6″ in width, and the gates have specific requirements as well. We truly believe that a rehab for deer in St. Louis County is desperately needed! But we’re going to need a lot of help and a lot of funding to make it happen. Please give to our Deer Pen Fund at

Caging is a constant cost for us!  We’re endlessly replacing cages that wear down, rust, or break. Plus every year we need more caging than the year before. Here are a few of our favorites cages and other things that are unavoidable costs.
MidWest Cat Cage (left) $98  &  Amazon Basics 48″ Double Door Cage $69.99 both available on and desperately needed for this year’s squirrels, raccoons, and more. *Click the pic to purchase!*





Cat Tent that we would use as a bat flight cage,  $50  &   Lucky Dog Wire Kennel $200
Both Available on with free shipping.  
*Click the pic to purchase!*





#1 Cost Every Year! All babies need formula. We go through 40-60lb of squirrel and raccoon formula during one baby season. At approximately $10 per lb, it drains us.  These critters might be tiny but boy can they eat!  *Click the pic to purchase!*