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Wiley Coyotes & Good Press

We are working hard here at the Wildlife Hotline, trying to get the word out about our services before spring arrives.  It’s difficult to think about spring with it being so dark and dreary outside lately, but spring will eventually arrive.  Springtime is the busy season for the wildlife community.  Babies are born, Moms den up in people’s homes, sheds, back yards, everywhere.  Kids get lost or hurt, and sometimes end up orphaned.  Our hope is that, in time, Missouri & Southwestern Illinois residents will know our number and web address well and will know to call us before interfering with wildlife.  Want to help us spread the word?

In this awareness effort, West St. Louis County Newsmagazine’s Carol Enwright has written a feature article about us and the stuck buck from last month.  It’s a really nice piece, check it out at:

West County News Magazine

In other news, we are working on rescuing a female coyote in the Ballwin area.  We have received 10+ calls from citizens and the police department, because she looks so sick that people are really worried about her.  Our reports state that she is walking on three legs, missing a back foot all together as though she chewed it off, plus has very little hair probably due to mange.  Because she doesn’t have her winter coat to keep her warm, she is seen lying out sunning herself in the middle of resident’s yards or the nearby golf course.  She’s a wily one though!  Everyone in the area has seen her, but we can’t seem to catch her.  If you live in this area near Kehrs Mill Rd, Geremma, or Bellerive in Ballwin, and you see a sickly coyote, please give us a call at the hotline @ (636) 492 – 1610.  Mange is so easy to cure but we have to catch her first.  The paw is probably gone, but she’ll do just fine on three legs, so we’re not as worried about that, as long as its not infected.  If it is, she’ll get some antibiotics and will go right back to the wild again.  From the condition reported to us, we do not believe that she will survive the winter so we are really hopeful that we’ll be able to capture her and get her the medical attention she needs.  Mange is a terrible skin condition that causes an animal to lose all of their hair, and itch like crazy.  They scratch so much that they injure themselves, leading to skin infections, and a horrible ‘mangy’ look.  Mange doesn’t actually kill an animal, but eventually they are so tired for scratching that they don’t have the energy to defend themselves against predators, or hunt for food.  When the mange gets bad enough they will freeze to death, or starve to death.  It’s an awful way to die.  Visit our mange gallery to see photos of coyotes and foxes with mange, so you’ll know what to look for, but fair warning – some of these photos are incredibly sad.  Remember though, these animals were cured of the mange, and are surviving somewhere in the wild today.  They all had happy endings.

Mange Gallery

Here is what a healthy coyote is supposed to look like.  This is the time of year where they are molting a bit to get their heavier winter coat in, so they are turning a bit lighter in color than the red/brown that they are in the spring, but they should never look like they are missing hair in large spots.  Shedding, or looking like they are in need of a brushing is totally different than the look of mange.  Mange just looks sickly, and you’ll probably know it when you see it.  If you’re not sure, give us a call at the hotline @ (636) 492-1610 anytime.


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