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Wildlife Specialist Phone Operator Application

Thank you for your interest in working with the Bi-State Wildlife Hotline. Please fill out the following form and click Submit to send your information to our Volunteer Coordinator.

Wildlife Specialist Phone Operator Application

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This application is specific for those interested in helping with our virtual call center as a Wildlife Specialist Phone Operator. Please fill out and submit the following:

Every call that comes into us is a potential animal suffering, starving, freezing, in need of our help. We try VERY hard to make sure that all calls are answered and that none get forwarded to voicemail. Our phone system is tied to all of our cell phones and/or home phones, across a very wide area. You choose what hours and days you are willing to help out on phones, and we can program that into our phone system. You are never ALONE when you are on phones and we have a chat room online that you can use from your phone or computer/tablet to stay in touch with us every minute of every call if you need help. When we don't answer the phone and it goes to voicemail, people do really stupid things, like giving the babies to someone else who leaves with the animal, or they feed bizarre things to the animal or call another agency that just comes out to kill it. We MUST make phone calls a priority. This is a battle we face every year and we are desperate to find people who can help with our phone overload!

During baby season these calls can get quite overwhelming, and we need people who truly understand how important it is. Each call is potentially saving numerous lives!