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Intro To Wildlife Rehab

Intro To Wildlife Rehab
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Thank You for your Interest in Wildlife Rehabilitation Training Classes!

We have two upcoming classes open to the public, hosted by Bi-State Wildlife & Wild Souls Rescue/Rehab.

Intro to Wildlife Rehab:  Saturday, September 14, 2019, 10:00am - 4:30pm

Wildlife Rescue & Intake Protocols: Sunday, September 15, 2019, 10:00am - 4:30pm

Both Classes Will Meet At: Wild Souls Rescue, 2200 South Broadway, Oak Grove MO 64075

These classes require a $10 minimum donation, EACH, to help us cover our costs of preparing this class, and the handout materials.  You may choose to attend Saturday and not Sunday, but you cannot attend Sunday without attending Saturday.  If you plan to attend Sunday, you must ALSO attend the Saturday class as well.  Both days we will be ordering out for lunch. On Saturday it will be Pizza Hut and Sunday either Taco Bell or Popeye's Chicken.  To "go in on" lunch and eat together, please donate an extra $5 for each day of classes.

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After your purchase is complete, you will receive a CONFIRMATION CODE that you must enter at the end of this form in order to register for this class.  Please look for an email from Bi-State Wildlife with your confirmation code, enter it below, and fill out the form to register and hold your seat. There are LIMITED seats available in these classes!

Please select which classes you wish to attend.  Please remember if you plan to attend on Sunday, you must FIRST take Intro to Wildlife on Saturday in order to register for Sunday's class.

Sorry! We can only accept residents of Missouri, Illinois, and Kansas.  Many of the the laws and regulations that we teach only apply in these states.

Check this box if it's okay for us to send text messages to communicate with you. Some people still don't text! 

Accidents happen. Accidents happen often when working with wildlife. Just in case, we need one name/number of someone we can contact if you are ever injured on the job.


Wildlife rehab can be a lot of fun. It's hard work, but it's also really rewarding knowing that you are helping animals that others see as nothing more than a nuisance. Some parts of wildlife rehab are things that no one else gets to do, and we consider ourselves blessed to be part of these animals' lives.  However, not every part of the job is fun.  Answering the phones every day is not always fun, but it's an extremely important part of our job.  Every patient that comes to us starts with a phone call.  These animals would not find the help they need without our Hotline and the people who answer our Hotline calls.  Our phone system is a 'virtual call center' with no one main office.  Incoming calls are forwarded to staff's cell and home phones. You choose what hours and days you are willing to take calls, and we can program that schedule into our phone system and forward calls during those times to the phone number you give us.  You then answer Hotline calls during those days/times via your phone.  We REQUIRE that EVERY volunteer help with incoming phone calls, even if it is only a few hours per week. This is imperative! When we don't answer the phone, animals suffer - plain and simple.  If our phones go to voicemail, people do really bad things, like giving the babies to someone else who leaves with the animal and decides to keep it as a pet, or they feed bizarre things to the animal, or call another agency that just comes out to kill it. We must make phone calls a priority. Every call is an animal in trouble, and we must take these calls as quickly as possible.

By checking this box, you are verifying that you understand that helping to answer incoming hotline phone calls is part of volunteering with Bi-State Wildlife and/or Wild Souls and you agree to help with this task according to a schedule that you help set up and approve.

Please tell us the days and hours that you are usually available to volunteer.

We try very hard to get callers to bring animals in to us themselves.  Some callers do not feel comfortable picking up a baby squirrel, baby raccoon, or are unable to bring an animal in to us for care.  Other calls require actual rescue: when a squirrel is stuck in a bird feeder, an adult raccoon that needs help, or an adult fox with mange. These rescues require additional training before we can send volunteers out, but they are a part of the job.  If you are interested in going on these types of calls, and want to learn how to do rescues, please check the box below.

We receive no state or federal funding and rely on the public's donations to fund our work. Because of this, we attend a lot of festivals, fairs, and events to help us fundraise. These events are usually on weekends, and require volunteers to educate the public about wildlife rehab and who we are, and interact with the public to help raise funds. Sometimes, these events require us to make phone calls to solicit donated items, or place ads online to promote an event. If this is something that you are interested in helping with, please check the box below.


Permits are issued by the state. Obtaining a wildlife rehab permit from the state and rehabbing from home requires ample time, experience, and training.  These classes are an introduction to wildlife rehab, wildlife rescue, and handling nuisance wildlife calls from the public.  We consider these classes to be the first steps in beginning your life/career as a wildlife rehabber.  While working with us, we will continue to help you toward your goal of obtaining a permit by offering more training, and helping you attend training with other agencies as well.  Please check this box if you are interested in obtaining a home permit when you are ready.

If you are pregnant or are immune compromised due to illness, life long condition, or recent chemotherapy, please let us know. We come in contact with numerous zoonotic disease risks and need to make certain that you are safe when working with us. We request that applicants have a recent tetanus shot on file (in the last ten years) and be of general good health. Rabies pre-exposure vaccination is not required to work with us.

Is there anything else we need to know about you?  Do you have any questions about us?  

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