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Call Blotter- Week of November 26, 2012

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November 26, 2012 Call Blotter








Chesterfield, MO

Sick raccoon in yard, resident saw it while walking dog off Wild Horse Parkway

Rehabber dispatched. Raccoon found, euthanized.



Green County, MO

Green County Police Dept. – found owl injured, contacted conservation dept. but they plan to euthanize owl. Officers want to know if there is an alternative to euthanasia.

Referred to Dickerson Park Zoo. Owl admitted, broken wing, recovering nicely.



North St. Louis, MO

Warehouse has been closed for Thanksgiving and when opening up today found hawk in building but staying up in rafters. Uninjured, acts ok, able to fly.  Staff is aware of rodents present in building.  Hawk probably had food even while building was closed.  Ceilings are 20+ ft but they have very large garage type doors that open high enough for hawk to possibly fly out.

Staff reluctant to open warehouse doors because of cold temps outside. Advised we cannot catch a bird that is still able to fly in 20+ ft ceilings. They will open windows and call back if bird is unable to get out.



North St. Louis, MO

Hawk successfully escaped warehouse.

No action needed.



Creve Coeur, MO

Two injured female deer on side of road @ Olive Blvd. and Ross Ave.  Resident saw at least one still moving but unable to stand when she drove past.  Not sure if the other one is alive at all.

Dispatched rehabber to check on them, but Conservation Dept. made it to scene first and euthanized second deer, unable to walk, hit by car.



Alton, IL

Resident dropped daughter off at work at Alton Memorial Hospital and saw hawk down on ground, not flying, on way in and still sitting in same place on the way out 30 mins later.

Contacted Security @ Hospital and hawk no longer grounded. Flying ok.



Spanish Lake, MO

Resident keeps seeing coyote out in yard, laying in sun (sunbathing) and not fearful of people. Worried about pets and children.  When asked, resident confirms unthrifty hair coat, emaciated, scratching and shivering.

Mange – Dispatched rehabber to drop bait for mange. Advised resident should stop hanging out near house in 10-14 days and improve body condition in 30 days.



Chesterfield, MO

Raccoon in residential yard, in same spot for 3+ hours, unable to walk, seizures.  Near sidewalk where residents walk their dogs.  (Distemper)

Dispatched rehabber, had already gotten dark outside and unable to find raccoon.  Went out next morning and got him.  Euthanized.



Augusta, MO

Owl found by side of road. Unable to fly.

Dispatched rehabber.  Owl has injured wing and head trauma. Admitted by World Bird Sanctuary next morning. Still in rehab.



Kirkwood, MO

Police dispatch – Owl hit by vehicle, side of road, unable to fly.  Officer on scene.

Dispatched rehabber.  Owl stunned by vehicular impact. Recovered when we arrived on scene and flew to top of utility pole. No action needed.



Overland, MO

Owl in warehouse/manufacturing plant.  Plant has large tanks of chemicals that run at constant high temps. Concerned owl will fall into tanks.

Dispatched rehabber. Attempted to guide owl toward doors.  Unsuccessful. Large warehouse doors will allow owl to escape when ready. Constant rodent population in facility probably attracted owl.



Wentzville, MO

Bat found on ground on resident’s back patio.  Alive, but not crawling or flying.  Residents have not touched bat, no pets or children present or possibly exposed.

Dispatched rehabber. Retrieved bat – appears healthy. Advised resident bats cannot fly from ground. Relocated to nearby tree where bat easily climbed tree and successfully flew away.



Kirkwood, MO

Resident has dead doe in yard. City unable to help with removal.

Referred to Dept. of Conservation for pickup.



Crestwood, MO

Resident has large adult raccoon living under shed in back yard and uses game cameras to monitor wildlife activity. Game cams show large growth on raccoon’s neck (softball size) and he is having increasingly difficult time maneuvering under shed.

Dispatched rehabber. Raccoon does have large growth, but is still agile and able to escape rescue attempts. Working with Animal Control Crestwood to trap instead.



Webster Groves, MO

Caller has raccoon in chimney blocked in by fireplace grate. No exit door to outside on same floor as fireplace. No visible injuries or illness, just unhappy about being stuck.

Dispatched rehabber. Full size adult raccoon, uninjured. Restrained with catch pole, released outdoors. Advised caller to install chimney cap.



Manchester, MO

Sick raccoon – unable to walk, seizures, no fear of people or pets.  Currently in resident’s driveway. Unable to get cars out of garage without hitting animal.  (Distemper)

Dispatched rehabber. Picked up and humanely euthanized.



Wildwood, MO

Sick raccoon – Stumbling around back yard, tries to climb fence but cannot, falling over, unafraid of people or pets.  Residents have pets that cannot use back yard.  (Distemper)

Dispatched rehabber.  Retrieved, and humanely euthanized.



House Springs, MO

Bird in back yard flying poorly, falling often, mouth wide open as though choking or overheated.  Resident caught bird, gave water, released, but no improvement.  Resident recaptured bird and is holding in box for pickup.

Dispatched rehabber. Bird appears uninjured, but flies poorly, gaping. Died en route to Wild Bird Rehab.



Brentwood, MO

Resident noticed check engine light on car and took to local tire and auto shop ½ mile away. Mechanics opened hood of car and found 3 baby squirrels in engine compartment.  Placed babies in small crate indoors to keep warm.  Minimal damage to car (probably just trying to keep warm)

Dispatched rehabber. Admitted 3 female 4wk old grey squirrels – uninjured. Will raise and release in spring 2013.



Ellisville, MO

Distemper raccoon in bluebird park. Raccoon is walking up to people and pets on walking trail and falling over, seizures.  Called in by two residents and one veterinarian.

Veterinarian assisted, dispatched rehabber, euthanized raccoon.



Rogersville, MO

Owl caught in fence.  Resident cut fence to release owl but partially still stuck in wing. Brought owl to Rogersville Police Department. Officers need assistance from local rehabber.

Referred to Dickerson Park Zoo. Admitted barred owl, injured wing. Recovering well.



Collinsville, IL

Domestic pet bird escaped house. Pet owner would like assistance in catching bird.

Referred to local humane society. Advised caller that capture is nearly impossible for birds, unless it will come back to owner.



St. Charles, MO

Opossum in trash can. Found when resident took trash out.  Hissed at resident when she opened trash can, then she threw trash down abruptly, which prompted opossum to fall over ‘dead’ temporarily. Resident very worried about rabies risk.

Advised resident of no rabies risk.  Opossums not considered rabies vector species, and no contact=no risk even in RVS species. Resident will tip trash can on side to allow opossum to vacate trash can overnight and keep cans in garage from now on.

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